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    Why Waterproofing Your Basement Is A Fine Idea

    By cooldude | September 8, 2010

    basement sump pumpAnything is only as strong as its foundation. If your basement is plagued by dampness, you shouldn’t just be worried but hurry and do something about it.

    There are many reasons why you should make your basement waterproof with a water powered sump pump,the most important being safety purposes. Dampening of walls leads to crack, which lead to further seepage of moisture and dampening. Hence, begins a cycle which inevitably creates havoc on your basement and anything stored in it. Consequently the damage would spread on the entire building. You might not be bothered by damp, cracked walls in the basement, but in your bedroom it will definitely not be a pleasant sight.

    Secondly, your basement is a place which could be used very effectively and in a variety of ways, it could be converted to a home media hub, an art studio, a study, pretty much anything. Since this area is most prone to dampness it would be imperative to get it made waterproof.

    You must have experienced that damage control is far messier than preventing any damage in the first place; the same applies to the foundation of your home.

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