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    What can you do about lighting in the home office?

    By qwcdirect | June 24, 2010

    You are already under strain at your workplace. Rummaging through files, working on computer adds a lot of strain on your eyes. It is instrumental in palliating the strength of the eye. In due course of time, it also brings about a bout of headaches. All these are easily averted in a workplace that believes in ergonomics. Lighting is an integral part of the work ambience.

    Lights shall be of a reduced glare. Diffused lights or low voltage lights work better. There can be task lights for spaces that require them but more generally, the mood of the work place shall be somber in connection to its lighting arrangement. In a few workplaces, a supplementation of light is required while other places require light sources to be added right form the scratch. Accent lighting can be used for showcasing the trophies and honor rolls won by the company.

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