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    What Are Glass Curtains?

    By cooldude | August 15, 2010

    One of the current buzzword in the world of décor is glass curtains. Glass curtains first picked up popularity in Spain and now are spreading to all parts of the world. They are simply panels of glass placed together as a barrier against extremes of weather and also filtering out loud noise without interfering with the flow of light. They include panels of frameless glass which have been locked together. They are particularly suitable for external use like for the balcony. It keeps out the water and preserves the heat which means you can enjoy outdoor-like activities in your balcony even during the coldest months.

    It is also suitable for internal walls enabling unconstructive views and adding on to the appearance of space. Glass curtains may be transparent, opaque or even translucent depending upon your requirement. It is available in many combinations of colour and thickness. So whether it is for domestic use or commercial purpose, Glass curtains are the current in thing!

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