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    Tips To Take Care Of Your Wall Paints

    By cooldude | August 22, 2013

    Wall Paints, paintsYour nicely colored walls are certainly an integral part of your room décor and it’s only natural that you would love to keep it afresh always. Any stain or dent on your lovely walls can hamper the overall feel of your room-hence you should be careful about the right tips to maintain your wall paints. However, when you have kids or pets back home it gets really tough to assure the clean stain free look always. But don’t worry, there are ways how you can actually tackle the unwanted marks. The article here is all about how to take care of your wall paints to ensure the desired becoming feel always.

    Cleaning marks from flat finish

    The flat finished walls are tad difficult to clean up the stains. If you too have got flat finish, a simple wipe up won’t work to vanish the marks. Start off with a burnish on the wall surface with a little roller. Don’t rub hard as it might mess up the areas. You can use a dishwasher a soft sponge or piece or rag for rolling on the stubborn stains. After you are done with the burnish, you can apply plain water for a final cleanup. Remember to stay away from the harsh chemical components.

    Waterborne stains

    The possible water borne stains can be jelly, wine, smashed mosquitoes or ketchup. Use a wet rag soaked in soap water to clear of the water based marks from your wall surface.

    Oily stains

    The oily stains are the most common for your kitchen walls where you have to work amidst cooking oil, heat and steam resulting in the very dirty cooking grease marks. The other usual oily stains come from shoe polish and crayons. The same soapy water method will apply here.

    Nail polish stains

    In case of nail polish stains, use acetone to get rid off the messy mark.

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