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    Tips to light up your basement

    By cooldude | September 10, 2010

    Your basement is typically a room that is dark and dingy. However sometimes people do want to use it for some purpose or the other and like to light it up. How, can that be achieved effectively? The first way to light up a room is by redirecting natural light. How much of that can you get? Sometimes basements are constructed below ground level. In that case you can get egress windows installed in your room. That brings in lighting as well as good ventilation to the room.

    Get a couple of spot lights for the room. These are pretty bright and an effective way to lighten an area, which does not get natural lighting. One very effective way to increase light is to get it reflected. And what better device can you use for reflection than mirror. Installing mirrors by the walls light up an area very successfully. Follow these tips and you will not even know you are in your basement.

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