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    Tips to give your balcony a welcoming feel

    By cooldude | September 3, 2011

    The balcony is an extension of your house. Often people lounge in the balcony, read a book, do outdoor grilling or simply sit and gaze at the sky. If you keep your balcony clean and decorated it gives a welcoming feel to everyone in the house and also to guests.

    You can choose a theme to decorate your balcony. It can be a holiday theme, a season or simply any design. The theme will determine the accessories that you will need for decoration. You can have a large comfortable chair and several small chairs for people to sit. You can have side tables to keep things like books, snacks and beverages. Make sure that your balcony is clean. Do not keep any unnecessary items and dust all dirt. You can use lights to decorate the balcony.

    You can keep plants and even a music system in the balcony. Use a door that fits the décor. If you are artistic, use some art pieces as well.

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