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    Tips For Cleaning Your Floor And Tiles

    By Minnie | July 9, 2016

    Tips to clean your floor and tilesCleaning your floor and tiles is a big responsibility as it has been used on regular basis and by too many people. Cleaning your floor and tiles and that too that part which is used the most in the home is really a difficult job. You need to careful while cleaning your floor and tiles as all the cleaning solution might not be suitable to each and every type of floor and hence take care which type of cleaning material is suitable to which type of flooring and then only use it or else possibility is there that instead of cleaning it you might damage it. Here are some of the easy and simple tips for cleaning your floor and tiles. Using these tips for cleaning your floor and tiles will enable you to clean your floor and tiles much easily and will give you most efficient result.

    Resilient flooring or building up of wax can cause your floor to get yellow in due time. For cleaning your floor and tiles you need to remove those yellow layers. This layer is generally of wax and hence it should be removed by using a mixture of one cup ammonia and half gallon of water. For cleaning your floor and tiles, you must sprinkle this solution on floor and then let it sit there for three to five minutes. After that start to scrub your floor with a nylon pad or plastic scouring pad and remove the old wax out of your floor. Wipe the left over or the residue with a clean cloth or a sponge and then give you’re floor a thorough rinsing. If it is the case of bathroom then for cleaning your floor and tiles of bathroom, you must kill the mildew on the floor and make your bathroom floor sparkling white. You can create a special mixture for bathroom tiles by mixing up 1/4th cup of ammonia into 1 gallon water.

    You might have those black heel marks on your floor which may be created on your kitchen floor and that will be looking very much ugly. For cleaning these black stains from your kitchen floor you should use a lighter fluid on a paper towel and wipe it on the black stains and it will disappear in friction of seconds. Thus for cleaning your floor and tiles, there is this little and simple solution which is very easy and effective.

    You might be glad as to how pencil eraser will be useful in cleaning your floor and tiles but it is still very useful and effective. The new shoes of your husband or your kids will have left black marks of streak all over your flooring and it would be looking very much vulnerable and ugly and you want to it to be gone but don’t know how. Here is very easy solution to this. For cleaning this black streak you can use pencil eraser and the spots will be gone in friction of seconds.

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