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    The 4 importance of lighting in your home

    By qwcdirect | July 6, 2010

    Lighting is a very important element of home décor as it sets the mood of a room causing people to associate it with certain emotions. There are four main purposes of lighting in a home. The first is providing illumination for the whole room. This is known as ambient lighting and includes both mobile and installed fixtures such as recessed downlights, track lighting, chandeliers, cove lighting and valance lighting.

    Task lighting is used for lighting a specific area in the room for a specific purpose such as reading in library, cooking in kitchen or make up lighting in bathroom. These are glare free and hence do not strain the eye. Accent lighting is the third type of lighting used in homes to hilight an art work, portrait or an architectural element in a room. The fourth and last type of lighting used in homes is natural lighting that comes through windows and skylights.

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