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    Supple solutions for storage

    By admin | August 31, 2009

    Storage, Space, Home Improvement,Stumped for ideas for supple solutions for storage? There is no need to worry. We have plenty of innovative storage idea to help you get out of the fix. You can invest in double-duty furniture that serves more than one purpose such as table with built-in drawers, chests and tables with enclosed cabinets or a couch made with built-in drawers hidden beneath the seat cushions.

    You can use disposable food containers to store small items in the kitchen, kid’s play area or workshop. Baby food jars and empty mint tins can also be used to store small items. Old magazine can be stored in recycled laundry detergent boxes decorated with magazine covers.

    You can create more space in your closet by adding hooks to the door for belts, ties, or shoe organizers. Do not let the under-the-bed storage boxes go unutilized either. You can also optimize space utilization in your bathroom by hanging a mesh organizer over shower curtain rings to store your toiletries.

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