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    Simple ways to keep your drapes clean

    By cooldude | September 11, 2011

    People spend a lot of time and money decorating their window, and installing fancy drapes. But when the time comes for maintenance and cleaning, they hardly put in much thought about it. In fact, most individuals do not find it a necessity to indulge in keeping their drapes clean. Contrary to popular belief, drape cleaning involves simple procedures, which require minimal labor, and consume very less time. This will, in turn, ensure enhancement of aesthetic beauty.

    Hand washing them over a certain period of time is important. Try avoiding machine wash, because most drapes tend to be delicate. Also, machine wash do not guarantee complete removal of stains, dusts and dirt. Next step involves rinsing them gently, but thoroughly. Once they have dried up, do not immediately remove them. You can also iron them, but only on the reverse side. In case you are not proficient with the whole washing thing, you can resort to the help of professional dry cleaners.

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