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    Repairing Torn Curtains

    By cooldude | October 31, 2010

    It is not at all ideal to replace your curtains every single time they get torn or cut. Curtains are gentle things which are essential to our household. But at the same time, they are very gentle substances which might get torn very easily. So, you have to follow certain steps using which you can easily repair your curtains.

    Wash your curtains with lemon and vinegar and that will get rid of all the dirt. Then, lay the curtain out in the sun to dry. Never ever attempt to use a dryer on a curtain as it will entirely spoil the nature of your curtain.

    To prevent the cutting off of curtain ring holes, you should buy quality ring holes with attachment disks. The disks will ensure the strength of the curtain and they won’t get torn that easily.

    Then again, keeping anything safe rests in the hands of the user. So be gentle towards your curtains and don’t let toddlers play with them.

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