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    Repaint your house yourself

    By cooldude | October 31, 2010

    Have you been thinking about getting your house repainted? If yes, then you should definitely consider doing it yourself. It will definitely save you a great deal of expense and is not as difficult as is believed to be. Decide on the color scheme for your rooms and make the necessary purchases.

    Start by clearing the entire area off all furniture and cover all the switches, lights and floor to prevent any damage. The first step is to repair the cracks or holes in the walls. In case of grease or grime on the wall, you must wash and clean that particular area. Apply a coat of primer on the repaired areas of the wall or if you intend to use acrylic paint over oil paint base. Now you can start painting the wall using either the rolling or spraying technique. The best way is to work on the larger areas first, moving on to the smaller portions.

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