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    Remodeling Your Home Bar

    By admin | October 18, 2009

    Home Bar, Home Improvement,Remodeling your home bar needs a bit of careful planning and idea from you. A well stock bar with the correct décor can transform your complete home.

    Remember installation of wet bar can be expensive. Therefore you can install a home bar with a sink or hidden piping to make it less expensive.

    The floor of the bar should be such which can withstand spills and stains and does not get spoilt. Wooden or ceramic tiles may be a good option.

    The lightening scheme of the bar should be such that it gives a mystic ambiance.
    Use darker tones for the wall and furniture to make it more intriguing.

    You can also opt for an open bar outside. This will give space for big gathering without any fear of spoils.

    A fireplace in the bar is everybody’s dream. Also put loungers beside bar stools for relaxed personal parties.

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