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    Pros and Cons of Engineered Hardwood

    By Minnie | May 25, 2015

    Engineered wood flooring

    If you are installing floors in your house, either in your new house r renovating the old house, you are availed with bucket full of options in flooring. But engineered wood flooring is becoming most prominent in today’s market because of its certain specific reasons. But is it the right choice you are making? If you are in such a dilemma then you should take a closer look weight out its advantages and disadvantages and see its heavier side. If advantages are heavier and if you are comfortable with its every aspect, then go for it. Here are pros and cons of engineered flooring.


    Generally people always look for good quality material along with reasonable price. Engineered floors are much cost effective. It let your home flooring look like hardwood floor without paying the high cost. As compare to traditional solid flooring, engineered floor is reasonable and save much costs.

    It’s not always preferable option to install your roof on your own. But in case of engineered floor it’s different. It is really easy and simple to install. It is such easy that even the new and inexperienced floor installers would also not face any trouble doing it. Solid wood flooring is to be installed by skilled and expert installer. You can install any tile of any size and any style in case of engineered flooring. You get a good chance of saving in cost by not only in lesser price but also by saving installation expense.

    Don’t get wrong that if it is cost effective, then it would low qualitative or less durable. Engineered flooring is a durable and stable flooring option for your home. Engineered flooring has a unique feature of multiple layering, it helps in making it stable and this stability leads to durability. Engineered flooring would not be affected by moisture in the air or weather and hence it will last lifelong.


    You might feel good about its stability but it may lead to shape distortion. It is one of the drawbacks of engineered wood that it leads to easy shape distortion over sometime. This flooring is prone to dents and grooves. This flooring can also to twisting and wrapping. This is mostly seen in a area with more with more traffic in your home. Thus it means that you have to spend over a time repairing this type of flooring and it will be more than solid flooring.

    As real hardwood is expensive they are made up of better quality. That doesn’t mean engineered hardwood is not qualitative and safe. The engineered flooring consists of different layers of adhesives which may result in bringing up some of the health issues. It might happen that toxic fumes are exposed by having engineered flooring in the house. The level of safety and its measures are not exactly known. The amount of toxic fume exposure differs all different times and palces.

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