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    Planning an effective air-conditioning of your house

    By cooldude | October 30, 2010

    Air conditioning has become an essential part of many homes today. Between the heats of the summers and chills of winter, everyone seeks for a level of comfort in their houses and air conditioning is what helps achieve this. Even a few years ago, air conditioners were considered to be luxurious and only for the rich. But recently it has become quiet popular and widely used especially after the prices were hacked.

    So if you are planning to put up air conditioning in your house, what are the basic things to keep in mind? Do you want a window or a central air conditioning system? It actually depends on your needs and budget. In window air conditioning only one room is considerably temperature controlled. In summers, additional cooling fans are needed in some window air-conditioners.

    In central air-conditioners, your whole house is centrally ventilated and temperature controlled. These things need professional help while installing so do call for help. Your ventilation and wire connections need to be checked so you would need professional help.

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