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    Painting with stippling, shading and distressing

    By qwcdirect | June 21, 2010

    Painting is an artistic vision poured into the perceptible medium of canvas. It is being followed in hundreds of kinds. Let’s take up a few methods here. Stippling is a method where an artist uses dots to bring texture, tone and shadows to a drawing. At places where the painter needs accented darkness, he uses dense dots. Contrarily, he uses lesser dots to show lighting. For learning the method, you shall start drawing very rudimentary objects like a hat or an egg.

    Shading is a method where you can introduce light segregation in a drawing by the sheer dint of improvised shade work. Highly shaded areas give dark silhouette-like impression. Shading can bring great intensity to the sketch of human face. Distressing is a style used to bring antique, worn-out effect to a painting. Such paintings usually have beaten peripheries or edges. It provides al to of class to the painting and increases its art quality.

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