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  • Decorate A Bachelor’s Room?

    By cooldude | December 31, 2013

    Bachelor’s RoomHave you just shifted to your bachelor pad and looking for ideas for decoration. You must be having your buddies pouring over soon on the weekends which definitely call for a smart set-up for a welcoming feel. Decking up a bachelor pad is really easy and great fun. The article here offers some valuable tips for a cool bachelor pad décor.
    Let’s proceed with the paint. When it comes to bachelor rooms, pink is surely a no-no. You have to settle with bolder hues here such as red, blue, green, dark brown etc. Purple or violet would ensure a funky feel around. If red is getting too overwhelming for you, pair it up with white. If you have got bolder colors for walls, make sure to have lighter tones for curtains to break the monotony.

    In regards to the bed, it’s smarter to have a sofa-cum-bed option. A bachelor pad is never too big and if you can fold up your bed when not needed, you are getting a lot of free space in the room. Besides, a bachelor pad is often filled with friends and hence the sofa option would be fantastic here to serve as extra bedding. For the bedcover, something in stripes would look really smart.

    Throw in some bean bags for some extra and relaxed seating, much needed for the weekend parties. Get a hanging bookcase to store your literary treasures. Get another couple of racks to make space for your massive collection of CD & DVDs. For the walls- you can deck them up with your old earned treasures like the sports jersey at college or the medal you won at school for being the man of the match.

    A warm solid colored area rug would just complete the overall look of your bachelor room.

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    Marble tiles for bathroom

    By cooldude | December 27, 2013

    Marble tiles for bathroomTalking about marble let us first look at the advantages and drawbacks of using marble as a bathroom material- since marble has a very sleek surface there are chances that when wet the person in the bathroom may slip and fall injuring himself in the process. Marble is a soft material, if there are people walking into your washroom after doing some heavy job with stones stuck n their shoes it is very obvious that the marble surface of the bathroom floor is bound to get spoilt. The price of marble also is higher relatively to the price of other bathroom materials. Price of installing the marble in the bathroom areas is also a big nuisance as it is higher, takes more time and effort.

    But marble is the most elegant, most beautiful material used for bathroom flooring. It adds class and grandeur to the bathroom without making it look very gaudy too. Using marble tumbler tiles are the best way to make your bathroom look retro giving it a contrast to the classiness of your modern home. They have got this name because they are tumbles in sand before going for usage. This is responsible for their drab look and old fee;. It is becoming a very popular ingredient in most houses of today.

    Honed marble is not used much for bathroom purposes are because they are polished giving the bathroom a glossy look which might be responsible for slipping when wet.

    Fr installing marble here’s what to do:

    Select your preferred marble and be clear and confident about your choice. After that’s done, ensure the sturdiness and levelling of floor. Then arrange the tiles the way you want to put them just for a dry check. After this is done it is best to get help from someone who’s done this kind of work before, a carpenter.

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    Hiring the best contractor for your Swimming Pool

    By cooldude | November 30, 2013

    Swimming Pool contractorMost people prefer going to a beach or book a resort which has a swimming pool in it when they want to relax. This is the perfect time for them to chill with their family and friends. If you live somewhere in the tropical zone then a dip in the swimming pool is very satisfactory. Many people also long to go to places where cool waters are easily available. But if you want to enjoy such places then you can have a swimming pool at your home itself. You need not find out any place outside where you can relax and feel comfortable. You need not travel to distant off places just to soak your body in water.

    Having a swimming pool at your own place is like living in a resort or a hotel. You can take a dip whenever you feel hot. You can also invite your friends and relatives and have a party by the poolside. Just follow these few steps and you will have a swimming pool for yourself.

    You can approach any of your friends if they know of any manufacturer who provides this facility. References from personal people is very good because then only you can trust them with such a project. There are a lot of contractors who can help you to do this. You can also go online and check for the contractors. You must check their work before you hire them. A good contractor will have all his profile displayed for their clients. It is also recommended that you go through the profile and be sure whether the person has nay experience in fixing the pool or not. You should also check for recommendations and referrals. Feedback of the previous client can also be taken.

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    Bean Bag Chair for your House!!

    By cooldude | November 28, 2013

    Bean Bag ChairWhile a home improvement includes a lot of things that can be incorporated, you must be thinking of something that is unique and special about your house only. Bean bag chairs are perfectly unique and impressive. They are very comfortable and can match the décor of any room. They are available in different varieties and colors in the market. With the growing popularity of these chairs it has become a common choice for people from all over the world. Everybody including the adult and children are in love with it.

    If you are planning to remodel your home then you can add this inexpensive furniture in your bedroom as well as in that of your children. They are available in vast varieties so it becomes very easy for all the people to choose as per their preferences. This can be moved around without difficulty. Not all sofas are easy to be rotated or moved from its place. They give a very great look and are really comfortable. It adjusts according to the postures and comfort of different people. They are stylish as well. By providing proper support it helps you to relax. People who sit on it for a prolonged period with not end up having a stiff neck or sore back. When people are comfortable then they become more active and get more accomplishments.

    This bean bag chair is being used in the medical industry. They are very good for expecting mothers. In offices they allow the employees to sit comfortably. This will help to increase their productivity at work place. They are available in different styles. The major advantage is the relaxation part of it which helps you to stay fit and healthy. Sitting on a bean bag and watching television can be a nice experience for you. So it must be considered as a good home improvement idea.

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    Tips to free your carpet from pet stains

    By cooldude | November 9, 2013

    carpet from pet stainsHave you got pets back home and you are worried about your carpet? Well, pet stain on carpet is a sure menace but again it’s unavoidable to some extent. Thus, you have to be very particular about pet stain removal from the treasured oriental piece adorning your floor. The article here might come handy for you as it’s all about pet stain removal tips from your carpet.

    First of all, you must know that an effective carpet cleaning depends on immediate action. Thus, the moment you find your furry pal wetting the carpet, you have to get ready with stacks of paper towel and newspapers. Put some paper towel on the wet area and cover it with some newspapers. Then get some newspapers under the carpet as well. Now, stand on the paper covered carpet for mi8nimum 1 minute. This will help to absorb as much fluid as possible from the carpet surface. Now, remove all the paper covers and rinse up the area with clean cool water. Follow it up with wet vacuum.

    Then you have to count on pet odor neutralizer solution to break down the urine smell. It’s necessary because the pet have a tendency to eliminate in the previous places which they identify with the particular odor. In case you apply any kind of chemical carpet cleaner after blotting the urine, make sure to wash off that chemical completely as otherwise the neutralizer won’t be effective on the carpet.

    In case of solid waste, you will start off by scrapping of the waste properly. Then, pick up your carpet and clean it thoroughly with specified carpet cleaners. Follow the process with the pet smell neutralizer as mentioned above. Finally you must train your pet to eliminate in some other area if you want to save the carpet.

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    Decorating your home with LED lights

    By cooldude | October 26, 2013

    home with LED lightsUsually the lighting of a house is divided into categories the main 3 being:

    1. Task lighting: this is the kind of lighting which is used for lighting up areas where work seems to be done. For example sewing, cooking, reading etc.

    2. Ambient lighting: this is used for lighting up the ambience of the house so that it helps in comfortable visibility of things and directions around the house.

    3. Decorative lighting: used as the name suggests mainly for decorative purpose. To make the house look beautiful and fancy.
    There is this one kind of light which fulfils all three purposes of home lighting- LED lights. These lines are very innovative and dextrously designed. The importance of all these 3 kinds of lighting is known to homeowners and they are always on the lookout for different lighting in the fixtures and all. LED strip lights are usually made up of small LED bulbs arranged in a strip. The places where these strip lights can be used are:

    Cove ceilings: to enhance the beauty of your coved ceilings, LED lights can be made to be installed inside them. This would basically fulfil the decorative lighting need for the house.

    Shelves and ceilings: the inside of cupboards are dark, this can be made to look funky by installing the LED light strips inside the cupboard. This would light up the wardrobe and make it more colourful and fun.

    Bathrooms: even bathrooms can be decorated with LED. In a bathroom LED would fulfil the purpose of as ambient lighting and decorative lighting.

    Kitchen cabinets: these again are dark and dingy. LED lights beneath the cabinets can be used to pop up the look and add more colourful light to make the work of finding spoons and other utensils or for that matter any other thing more easily.

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    Colour palette for your living room

    By cooldude | October 11, 2013

    living room colorIt is very important that the living room be well maintained, well painted and attractive to be in. It is this room that the guests usually come and sit in. It is this room which is used by most of us the most in a day. Making this room look bright and lively and giving it a nice and inviting ambience rather than letting it be dull and grumpy. Usually it is a very boring job to select from the long spectrum of different colours. Here is a small suggestion palette for your living room wall.


    Blue always works wonders in every situation. Not too dark not too light, blue is such a colour that can be used in every kind of room colour combinations or as a single paint too. Blue has a calming effect and thus calms you down after the day’s work. It is tranquil and serene.


    This is the ideal living room colour. It gives out tranquil vibes hence making it soft and acceptable by all kinds of living rooms. Pink can be used with a combination of white furniture. This will give the whole room a very sophisticated and nice look. Pink can be used in small living room spaces too. It’s peppy and is not too boring colour or parties too.


    Contrast basically means the use of two different colours on the walls. Usually a contrast of white with some other colour works best but white may look a bit dull so a contrast of a light and dark shade of the same colour sounds like a better idea.


    The name itself sounds refreshing and fresh. For people who don’t want to go for the usual stereotypical colours of pink, yellow and blue this options would be great. Brown furnishing would be good combination.

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    All Information Regarding Bathroom Dampness

    By cooldude | October 5, 2013

    Bathroom DampnessDampness is a big problem that has the ability to cause a lot of damage if it is not taken care of appropriately. Dampness should never be overlooked. The moment you know that dampness is negatively affecting your home especially your bathroom then you must undertake correct measures to prevent it. In order to stop dampness and avoid it completely you must have damp proof bathroom surfaces and good heating and ventilation system in your bathroom.

    Ventilation system that is poor will surely cause dampness in your bathroom. Air circulation in your bathroom has to go on smoothly so that excess water from your bathroom is evaporated efficiently. If there is poor ventilation then the air inside the bathroom will reach it maximum saturation level and will lose the ability to absorb more moisture from your bathroom. As a consequence of this, your bathroom will remain wet and prone to dampness.

    Certain materials in your bathroom do not allow your bathroom to “breath” properly. Thus make sure that you do not cover your bathroom with such uncomfortable materials. Do not thermally insulate your bathroom in order to conserve heat as it will make your bathroom more vulnerable to dampness. Ensure that air circulation is proper in not only your bathroom but your entire house.

    Condensation is another thing that leads to bathroom dampness. Plus it also creates damp patches, mildew, mold, foul odor and so on. To avoid bathroom dampness install an exhaust or extractor fan in your bathroom. The laminate flooring in your bathroom should be tightly fitted so that the water does not trap in the flooring and lead to dampness and rotting.

    Any leaking faucets should be repaired immediately so that any serious dampness problem can be dodged carefully. Use cold water in the bathroom as much as possible to avoid dampness. Keep your bathroom clean and dry at all times.

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    LED Strip Lights For Your Home

    By cooldude | September 15, 2013

    LED Strip LightsThe lighting in your house is divided into three categories: Task lighting (used for areas in which particular work is done such as sewing, cooking, reading etc.), decorative lighting (used for adding attractive features and beauty to the different areas in the house) and ambient lighting (it helps people to move around comfortably and securely in the house). These are the three lighting purposes that have to be kept in mind while buying lighting fixtures for your home.

    Homeowners are generally acquainted with the importance of ambient, task and decorative lighting and thus search for a variety of lighting fixtures that can be used in their homes. One light that satisfies all lighting needs of our home is the LED strip lights. These lights are dexterously designed and are highly innovative. LED strip lights have LED bulbs arranged in long strip. Some of the areas in which the LED strip lights can be used are:

    Kitchen Cabinets: The interior of the kitchen cabinets is generally dark as it receives no light. Thus it is essential that LED strip lights are installed inside them so that the homeowner can find the things that are stored in the cabinet easily. The strip light can be used below the cabinets to enhance the efficiency of the kitchen counters present underneath the kitchen cabinets.

    Shelves and Cupboards: Just like the kitchen cabinets, the cupboards and shelves also require light in the interior parts. Thus install LED strip lights inside them as well.

    Cove Ceilings: Install the strip lights in the coved ceilings of your home to enhance the beauty of these kinds of ceilings.

    Bathroom: Strip lights can be mainly used as decorative lighting fixtures in the bathrooms.

    LED strip lights are easy to install, extremely energy efficient, durable and have minimal maintenance requirements. These are available in the market at affordable prices.

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    Colors schemes for a teen chamber

    By cooldude | August 31, 2013

    teen chamber colorColoring your home is a very important thing. You should be careful while choosing color shades for the walls of your teen chamber. The color and the decoration of the room have immense effect on the mind of the teen. It is very important you choose the perfect color scheme for their chamber. There are various coloring options you can go for. Normally the light shades of color reflect enough light and make your bright and beautiful. You can always go for the light color shades but the biggest disadvantage with the lighter shades of color is that they easily dirty and attract dirt. The stains at times can be so deep that you can’t remove them easily even after several rounds of washing.

    So instead you can go for the darker colors but then they make your room much more dark and gloomy reflecting little or no light. Thus dark color should not be used in a teen’s room. However instead of using too light or too dark a color, you can very easily go for such shade of color which reflects enough light and also don’t attract dust easily.

    You can even consider going for the shades of two or more colors which make the chamber of the teen really attractive and beautiful. Various paint companies are coming up with the color scheme of various textures. These textures should match the interior decoration of rest of the house. You can even create your own texture according to your choice. Painting natural scenes are considered good painting option when it comes to a teen chamber. You have to do a research about the paint companies what they offer when it comes to paint for a teen’s room. Various painting options are also available over the internet that you can also opt.

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