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    Oak Furniture For Home Décor

    By cooldude | July 24, 2014

    Oak FurnitureTimber has always been a dominant choice when it comes to choosing furniture for home. The unrivalled sophistication and class assured from the wooden furnishing easily glam up an ambience- no wonder wood is a favorite both for interior designers and homeowners. Now, a huge range of hardwood goes for the furniture sets but it’s the oak wood which is the most popular. Staying true to the classy appeal of hardwood furnishing, oak furniture is the epitome of elegance & glamour. There are many reasons why oak furnishing would be great for your home décor.

    Strength & reliability

    Oak has been a unanimous favorite for home furnishing since ages, irrespective of culture. The primary reason behind the huge popularity of oak furniture is its amazing durability. Oak tree is the symbol of credibility, strength and the wood too embodies such grand properties. Oak tables and chairs are usually the prized heirlooms that are proudly passed on to next generations. Oak can withstand huge weight and if you have a high traffic home, bustling with kids, pets and guests coming in frequently- oak wood furniture would be the best choice for you.

    Classy beauty

    When it comes to furniture for your home you would love to ensure the aesthetics quotient as well, added to the durability part. Oak furniture is one of those rare things in life which embodies beauty finely blend with great strength. It’s stylish, rich, warm, refined and echoes the elegant taste of the homeowner.

    High tannins

    Then, oak wood is dense with high tannins that make it greatly resistant to pest attacks and fungal infections.


    Another great bit about oak wood is that it is water-resistant. Yes, it’s to mention here that oak wood is great used in ship building.

    Varied oak types

    Oak is a versatile wood with many different types to pick from. First you have Brown Oak that features a kind of brown stain given the presence of Beef-Steak fungus. Then, there is Tiger Oak that features a striped look while Pippy Oak displays cute cat-paw like features on surface. Burr Oak looks somewhat akin to Pippy but is denser in nature. Then, there is Bog Oak which is preserved in the peat bogs. It’s a very rare kind ok oak & hence the most pricey of all.

    Tips on buying oak furniture

    Oak furniture is really expensive and hence you should be careful while making the investment. Always be careful to get your oak furnishing from a highly reputed dealer, renowned for authentic products. If the price seems too high, there are second-hand stores selling antique oak furniture.

    The furniture finishing is significant as well. If you are too busy for wood maintenance, get the oak furniture with varnish as it requires just a timely dusting. On the other hand, oak furnishing with natural-wax finish would demand a re-application twice or thrice a year. No matter whichever finish you take, make sure that the oak grain is clearly visible through finish- the premium oak pieces also guarantee a nice warm aura.

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