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    In the recent times, modular homes are selling like hot cakes. For those who are not aware, modular homes are constructed in such settings that do not let them encounter adverse climatic conditions. Their base is usually established on a pre-made foundation.

    The time span taken to build a modular home usually depends on the design as well as the manufacturer. Some of the modular home projects that are built in a factory can be accomplished in as less as one to two weeks. The modular homes never face a weather delay as they are constructed within built indoors.

    Modular HomesSome people often ponder over the thought whether all modular homes look alike. Well, the answer in this case is ‘no’. If you were not present at the spot to witness the house being built and delivered, by any means you will not be able to guess that it’s a modular home. A modular home always conforms to building codes. Some of the modular houses are built with a basic structure while the others like the two-structured ones are quite different.

    Most of the banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions provide finance on modular homes. In fact, in most of the cases modular homes are almost treated the same way as other homes that are constructed on your own property. To acquire finance on modular homes, you may get in touch with the local banks and mortgage brokers in your area.

    If you are thinking whether you can save money by building modular homes, the answer is that sometimes it is possible. What it costs per square-foot for a site-built home, it is less for a modular home. The cost savings features include:
    Modular homes in most cases are energy efficient and that helps reduce the heating as well as cooling costs.

    With modular homes, it is possible to move in much sooner than site built homes. In case of the latter, you have to wait as per the convenience of the builder.

    The main thing that distinguishes modular homes from site-built homes is that they are constructed of modules. The process of building modular homes is quite simple. First and foremost, the designer designs the plan, then determines all the specifications, following which he establishes a price. While purchasing modular homes, make sure that you make a purchase from someone who has established himself as a prominent general contractor or has experience working with a reputed general contractor.

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