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    Lighting tips to brighten up your work space at home

    By cooldude | July 31, 2010

    Working with computers everyday is a very common thing that we do. Besides using it in our workplace, we even tend to use a lot of it at home. One thing you might not be aware of is, too much use of computer in insufficient light can increase you level of irritation along with damaging your eyes severely. Thus certain tips to effectively light up your work place can help you to combat vision troubles.

    Florescent lamps are the best possible choice if you plan to spend a considerable time in front of your computer. These lights are soothing on your eyes plus are bright enough to provide you with a comfortable working condition. Make sure your working space is properly lit with fluorescent lights if you want to avoid eye strain. Try to keep away from lights which are too glaring, otherwise you will end up squinting while you work.

    Besides following these alternatives make sure you take requisite breaks if your eyes hurt from long hours of work. Insuring yourself with good lighting conditions will go a long way in letting you work comfortably

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