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    Improvising Storage Space in the Bedroom

    By admin | February 18, 2010

    nullThe bedroom is where people relax and meditate and it should be a place of comfort. Here the furniture is limited leaving a lot of space that can be used as an improvised storage space. In order to achieve this, first remove all the unnecessary furniture from the room. Create shelves and wardrobes so as to have additional storage space where you can store virtually anything. You can also purchase beds which you have drawers or they can be made at the base of your existing bed to create additional storage space.

    Dressing tables which have drawers are also good storage areas especially for the personal items like the clothes. The top part of the dressing table can hold the mirrors as well as the makeup. With free standing storage areas like wardrobes and shelves can be added to the room especially if the fitted storage areas are all occupied.

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