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    Ideas for designing your basement bar

    By cooldude | January 26, 2011

    If you give attention to your basement, you can make it the most favorite place in your house. Basements are generally nice spots for recreation and entertainment purposes. You can have a small movie theatre system at your place. Apart from that you can make a basement bar, this is one of the increasing trends nowadays for the basement transformation.

    You can have innumerable designs like the straight bar, L shaped bar, monster bar, portable bar, a keggar bar design or anything innovative that you have in mind. A straight basement bar is very simple and it is just straight in shape and same goes with the L one. Their name implies their design. The keggar bar is like two L shaped bars joined together. This bar is perfect for accommodation of a refrigerator and a keg as well. So you can select any of these and make your basement a rocking place.

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