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    How to Use Basement Waterproofing Paint

    By admin | September 21, 2009

    Basement Paint, Waterproof paint, Home ImprovementWaterproofing the basement with waterproof paint reduces the feeling of dampness in the basement which sometimes leads to dampening anything you keep there. The paint that you use should not be cement based. Before painting the basement you should ensure that you are rid of existing humidity so that the paint can dry well. This can be done by purchasing a dehumidifier. This will remove the humid air in the basement. The waterproof paint should be of good quality so as to deliver desirable results. When applying the paint you should apply generous coats but in a neat manner. Two coats will suffice for the job to be complete.

    The dehumidifier will help the paint along in the drying process although the paint manufacturers advise that the dehumidifier be off during the painting. When the paint dries you should put the dehumidifier back for a few days before unplugging it.

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