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    How to give your old furniture a new look

    By admin | August 10, 2009

    Home Furnishings, Furniture, Home ImprovementA little creativity and patience can give a complete new look to your old furniture. Recycling furniture could be lot of fun and money saving as well. A different coat of paint, gives a quick update to your old dull looking furniture.

    Do you have drawers that are broken? Use it to make open shelves or convert it into a TV stand with little modifications by adding wheels to it. Drape and tuck fabric to your old sofa sets, will immediately bring a stylish and contemporary look.

    Make your chairs and dining tables more stylish by adding some mosaic-tiled artwork. It will be a complete makeover to your old looking furniture. Your old rocking chair could be changed to a special place for your little baby to rock. Add her name or birth date with different colors to personalize it. Hand painted designs on any furniture adds personal touch with style. It also makes it look elegant.

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