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    How To Color Coordinate Your Home

    By admin | February 14, 2010

    nullA well color coordinated house looks lovely and stylish so the colors chosen to paint a room should suit the style of the house be it Mediterranean or classic American style. An open floor plan house which has no divisions between the walls should be painted with colors which complement each other. Warm colors like orange and red make a room to appear smaller and bring a cozy feeling whereas the cool colors like blue make a room to appear larger while at the same time bringing an illusion of serenity.

    To create a harmonious appeal, then it is important to use the same colors of either the cool or the warm colors. To create a dramatic appeal, use opposite colors which are complimentary like black and white. One can consult a color consultant for information on how to best coordinate the colors to bring out unison and color coordination in the home.

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