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    How to baby proof your house

    By cooldude | August 17, 2010

    New parents are always excited and super protective about their new born babies. When they start crawling, it becomes more of a tedious task for the mothers to keep all things out of reach for their child.

    Those crawling days of the child are interesting and exciting, but any experience of choking will not make it memorable so much. So make sure that your baby’s crib is good enough to keep him to that place only. But still if the child is growing, he or she will surely go beyond for other things. So make sure that all the sockets have a safety plug, keep all small objects or pieces out of the reach of the child. The cabinets should be closed and the kid’s soft toys or other toys cabinet should have an easy latch to be used by him or her. Make sure that the doors of bathroom and kitchens are closed so that the child doesn’t enter these risky places. With these steps your house will be baby proof.

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