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    Have a pretty balcony with flowering plants

    By cooldude | December 10, 2010

    Living in apartments might make you think that you cannot have the luxury of planting flowers in yards. However, there are a few ways which can fulfill your wishes.

    If your balcony is decent in size and away from the living room then you can make use of containers to plant flowers.  In fact containers that can be hung on the railing without the hassle of installing it are also available. Also you can hang plants if there is a roof right above your balcony.

    However choose flowers or plants that can survive in the environment. If there is strong sun falling in your balcony all the time, take flowers that can stand the hot sun. Whereas for shady balconies buy the opposite. Annuals is probably the best choice as it is an all season flower. However ensure you use containers which have good drainage facility and at the same time use good potting soil with a lot of water to ensure the safety of your flowers.

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