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    Furnishing tips for a narrow living room

    By cooldude | August 3, 2010

    So you’ve just moved into your plush new dream-house and the furnishing plans have fallen perfectly into place except for that narrow living room. No need to fret further as a narrow room can be done up properly too, if you just follow some simple guidelines.

    First, avoid going for huge couches which will not only take up a lot of space but also will give your room a clumsy feel. Try to stick to small sofas and couches instead. Experts recommend bamboo furnitures too while doing up your narrow living room. This way besides going green you can give your room that spacious as well as a fresh new feel. Go for furniture which provides you with several drawer options, because this way you’ll have enough space to stack up your stuff without purchasing new fixtures. Mirrors also give small spaces an open feel, thus you can opt for decorative mirrors to brighten up you space.

    With the requisite amount of lighting and the right sized furniture, your new living room will fit just perfectly with the image you always had in mind.

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