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    Eco-friendly bathroom appliances

    By cooldude | February 20, 2011

    Going green is the modern trend and the same applies to your room décor even the bathroom. The process is not only eco friendly but economical too. Below are given some environment friendly bathroom appliances.

    Firstly, let us consider the lighting arrangement. Get ENERGY STAR efficient fluorescent lights (CFL’s) in the place of your incandescent ones. It helps you to save almost $100.00 per year and need 75 percent less energy with 75 percent less heat production. To save the water costs fix modern faucets that come with an aerator or a detector which can sense when to stop or start the flow of water. Go for the different low-flow showers. It can be an aerated (misty spray) or laminar flow one (individual stream). It saves heat consumption to a large extent.

    Then get a super efficient new toilet that takes 1.6 gallons of water for each flush. It makes you save around 25.000 gallons of water each year. Finally, opt for harmless green no or low VOC paints.

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