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    DIY basement waterproofing advice

    By cooldude | February 7, 2012

    Waterproofing the basement especially during the monsoons is of utmost importance. As many may think it’s not a process that can be done only by professionals. It’s not very difficult to waterproof the basement provided you know what to do and you have the tools required. Old basements tend to develop cracks and allow water to seep in. water seeping in through walls develop frequent damps which lead to cracks. You can tape in an aluminum foil on the damp area to determine whether the water is seeping in from outside or is it condensing inside itself. You can install downspouts or gutters which collects twigs and dried leaves hence preventing accumulation of water leading to damps. A good drainage system with the help of asbestos sheet is also helpful in disallowing water to concentrate at a given area in the basement. In case a gutter already exists you can extend it and connect it to the drainage system outside your apartment.

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