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    Difference Between Curtains And Draperies

    By cooldude | September 13, 2010

    Are you all set to purchase dressing accessories for your apartment? Do you want to know which would be a better choice between curtains and draperies? If so, a little information on the basic difference between these two will make the process much simpler. Basically curtains are much lighter than the draperies and are made of lighter fabrics.

    Draperies on the other hand are made of heavy materials and are meant to give your room that formal feel. Curtains can be a fine pick if you want to go for something casual and light. But draperies are a better choice if elegance and formality is what you prefer. Mostly meant for decorative purposes, draperies are quite difficult to move unlike curtains.

    Now coming to the cleaning part, since curtains are much lighter than draperies, cleaning those takes less time and effort. Whereas washing draperies is quite a tedious chore and takes longer too. Keep these few points in mind picking the perfect dressing accessory according to your taste would be simpler.

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