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    Advantages and disadvantages of fabric shower curtains

    By cooldude | August 6, 2010

    Fabric shower curtains are available in several kinds – cotton, denim, hemp, vinyl, polyester, and more.

    Cotton and denim curtains have the advantage of giving the bathroom a natural feel. They can be easily washed and dried. But when they do not dry, they easily catch mildew. Also they require shower curtain liners for proper maintenance.

    Hemp is also a natural fabric which offers some mild natural bacterial resistance. They are made from naturally occurring hemp plants which do not need pesticides. Again, shower curtains may be necessary, depending on the kind of care you give to these curtains.

    If you are looking for low maintenance, then polyester and vinyl curtains are best. Polyester curtains are cheap, and available in a variety of colors, designs and patterns. They can be machine washed on a low speed cycle.

    Vinyl gives a classier look – its transparent look is what is being exploited for vinyl curtains and these too like polyester curtains can be machine washed.  But polyester and vinyl have the disadvantage of being made of artificial chemicals and additives.

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