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    A spa inside your bathroom

    By cooldude | October 31, 2010

    There really can’t be anything more sophisticated and relaxing than a spa. How would you like it when I say that you can have a spa inside your very own bathroom? Surprised? Well, that is possible now days and it could happen without causing much damage to your wallet.

    When you ask me what I like the most in a spa, I would say a head massage. Yes, there is nothing more relaxing that a massage in the head with all the oil and steam. You can get a get a massage shower head and attach it in your bathroom to give you that feel all the time. These roughly cost around $60-$70.

    Then, dim out the lights of your bathroom. You are going there to bath and not to read a book. So what’s with all the bright lighting? You can get a towel warmer for around $70 and it will definitely make you forget that you are in your bathroom.

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