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    10 Decor Tips For Kid’s Room

    By cooldude | April 28, 2014

    Kid’s RoomDecorating the room of children with cool furniture and canvas art can be an exciting combination for them. Being a parent you might be taken away by the ideas as to how to decorate the child’s room without even consulting him/her or taking their views into consideration. You must also be concerned about the budget, the taste and preference of the child, color, theme, concepts bearing the long term goals in mind. You can decorate the room with bright and lively colors, sporty concepts, and fairyland themes along with ample storage areas like cabinets, shelves and desks. The cost effectiveness of each of the items must be considered before you purchase any of the items.

    1. You should make ample of space for storage purposes like for clothes, books, toys. They must be big enough so that your child can use it even after becoming an adult. Bright colored paints can be used and changed with time.

    2. The room must be furnished with a bed of standard size. Purchasing small bed would mean that you will have to change the bed frames as your child grows taller.

    3. You can decorate with canvas paints that are very attractive which can include pretty flowers for a girl’s room while planets and stars for boy’s room. Cheap artworks are available along with lamp shades, curtains, decorative and carpets.

    4. You can also add dolls, stuffed animals and small footballs. The shades on the lamps can complement the theme of the room.

    5. The walls can be painted according to the taste and preference of the child. If the child is very active then you can give blue or green color.

    6. The furniture should not be built in because later on it becomes difficult to replace them. Miniature furniture can be single pieces that can stand alone.

    7. You should not overspend on canvas arts and décor pieces. This will give you enough money to redecorate.

    8. Getting ideas from your children will enhance their creativity skills and self esteem. It will also help you to deepen your bond with the child.

    9. Creating a Zen sort of a room can be very relaxing and must have dark furniture with two colored effect can be very appropriate.

    10. The curtains and bed sheets can have cartoon characters which will excite the children to a great extent.

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