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  • 4 Tips of Cleaning your Carpet at your Home

    By Nick | August 7, 2016

    Tips of Cleaning your Carpet at your HomeIt is considered to be important for taking in to account with different types of ways which can help you in the matters of going for cleaning your carpet at your home. Because all know that we are not going to wash the carpet which is installed in your home again and again right? And for this you need to go for dealing with cleaning your carpet at your home like a pro which can help you in deciding that the way which you have selected is appropriate or not. Just imagine if the stains of your shoes gets stuck on your carpet and it does not gets out of it than? I know it sounds a bit creepy but this thing can be avoided with the help of going for the process of cleaning your carpet at your home.

    Cleaning your carpet at your home like a pro is considered to be the duty of the home owners which they need to comply with. The further information will help you in getting assistance with all the things which you are going to require for the matters of cleaning your carpet at your home like a pro. There are many things which can help you while going for cleaning your carpet at your home like using detergent, nail remover, using bleach powder, etc. and many more of the things which you can definitely go for calling as the tips of cleaning your carpet at your home.

    Tips of cleaning your carpet at your home


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    Tips For Cleaning Your Floor And Tiles

    By Minnie | July 9, 2016

    Tips to clean your floor and tilesCleaning your floor and tiles is a big responsibility as it has been used on regular basis and by too many people. Cleaning your floor and tiles and that too that part which is used the most in the home is really a difficult job. You need to careful while cleaning your floor and tiles as all the cleaning solution might not be suitable to each and every type of floor and hence take care which type of cleaning material is suitable to which type of flooring and then only use it or else possibility is there that instead of cleaning it you might damage it. Here are some of the easy and simple tips for cleaning your floor and tiles. Using these tips for cleaning your floor and tiles will enable you to clean your floor and tiles much easily and will give you most efficient result.

    Resilient flooring or building up of wax can cause your floor to get yellow in due time. For cleaning your floor and tiles you need to remove those yellow layers. This layer is generally of wax and hence it should be removed by using a mixture of one cup ammonia and half gallon of water. For cleaning your floor and tiles, you must sprinkle this solution on floor and then let it sit there for three to five minutes. After that start to scrub your floor with a nylon pad or plastic scouring pad and remove the old wax out of your floor. Wipe the left over or the residue with a clean cloth or a sponge and then give you’re floor a thorough rinsing. If it is the case of bathroom then for cleaning your floor and tiles of bathroom, you must kill the mildew on the floor and make your bathroom floor sparkling white. You can create a special mixture for bathroom tiles by mixing up 1/4th cup of ammonia into 1 gallon water.

    You might have those black heel marks on your floor which may be created on your kitchen floor and that will be looking very much ugly. For cleaning these black stains from your kitchen floor you should use a lighter fluid on a paper towel and wipe it on the black stains and it will disappear in friction of seconds. Thus for cleaning your floor and tiles, there is this little and simple solution which is very easy and effective.

    You might be glad as to how pencil eraser will be useful in cleaning your floor and tiles but it is still very useful and effective. The new shoes of your husband or your kids will have left black marks of streak all over your flooring and it would be looking very much vulnerable and ugly and you want to it to be gone but don’t know how. Here is very easy solution to this. For cleaning this black streak you can use pencil eraser and the spots will be gone in friction of seconds.

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    How TO Clean Your House

    By Minnie | June 13, 2016

    Cleaning your homeCleaning your house a typical hardworking job and it such a job which has to be done by you only. There are many people who run from cleaning your house but that can cause even worst condition and your work can be doubled. When you sit down and think about cleaning your home, the first question which hits your mind is where to start from? This is really a very confusing thing as to from where to start to clean your house. Once you start with cleaning your house, you will gradually figure out how to proceed and you will not stop until the whole house is cleaned. Here are some of the easy ways showing you how to clean your house.

    The first thing you need to do while cleaning your house is to figure out the plan. Sit back and think how much time you can invest in cleaning your home and how clean you want your house to look. Be honest with your capacity and decide what you can do and how much you can do and prepare a plan of cleaning your house with that. Start from the top to bottom and cover those entire things you want to clean while cleaning your house. Think about which areas you have recently cleaned and which are those areas which have not been cleaned since a long time. Keep those un cleaned areas on the top of the things you want to cover while cleaning your house. If you don’t have too much time to cover all the thing start from clearing out the clutter from the house and then proceed to more serious things while cleaning your house. So now you know where you have to start while cleaning your house.

    While planning for the cleaning stuff of your home, you must note down thing s and when you are completed with one thing you must mark and at the end of the day after you are done with cleaning your house check out your checklist whether you have left any area or not if yes then cover it as you are not going to clean your house again in short duration.

    While you are cleaning your home, you can also involve rest of your family members and take their help. This will help you to complete your work more easily and quickly. Delegate the work to each and every person and make sure everyone does their part of work. If you have involved children’s in your home cleaning task then give them easy work, so that they can do it easily. Allocating them to clean the garage or bathroom would be way too much of them and they would not be able to clean it properly and it will remain dirty and unclean only.

    While you are cleaning your home, make sure you have the good cleaning materials as you are doing it once in a while and thus do it in perfect manner.

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    How to Clean your Bathroom

    By Nick | May 24, 2016

    How to Clean your Bathroom

    How to Clean your Bathroom

    As we are very busy in our life, we spend a lit time in bathroom. And I know you might not wanting that if you are spending less time than it must be clean. Cleaning and maintaining your bathroom is the jam which you must conduct in your home. There are many things which are available in the market for cleaning and maintaining your bathroom. And in accordance to my perception, there are many things in the bathroom which should be maintained in a proper manner. Like shower, the bath tub, curtains, etc and many more of the things must be paid equal attention at the time of cleaning your bathroom.

    This article will help you to know more about how to clean your bathroom. It is very easy and simple if you are thinking of it. Certain things must be kept in mind like the products which are used for the matter of cleaning your bathroom, ventilates, etc and many of the things.

    How to clean your bathroom


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    Types of Roofing Shingles

    By Nick | July 7, 2015

    roofIt is important to decide which roofing method would be suitable for your home. Which material to be used, cost of material used, estimating the budget of the work, etc. because everyone now wants something new, attractive, efficient for their home. Roofing shingles have now immerged many different methods and types. Roofing shingles are considered as the material used in construction of roofing. The roofing contractor ensures that which roofing shingle will be suitable and durable for your home. It is difficult to choose which roofing shingle will be adjustable to your home design so roofers help the owners to decide which roofing shingle will be appropriate to construct. The article will help you to find out which shingle is being useful and appropriate for your home.

    Types of roofing shingles are:

    1. Asphalt shingles
    asphalt shingles

    Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing shingles for the construction or replacement of roofing. It is cheap and affordable by the owner. Asphalt shingles are more favorable because it gives more cooling effect in hot summers. It is having good quality and once installed than the owner need not worry about its maintenance and expenses relating to it. The durability of asphalt shingles is from 20 to 30 years. There are different types included in asphalt shingles which are a bit expensive but it is very much helpful for long run of time.

    2. Wood shingles
    Wood shingles are considered to be more fascinating for the people who want their house to look elegant and beautiful. This shingles are more expensive to install as compared to that of asphalt shingles because wood shingles are eco-friendly and gives a natural appearance to home. The roofing contractors use different woods such as cedar, redwood which are more expensive but it increases the roofing durability. Wood shingles can last for at least 30 years if maintained in a good manner.

    3. Tile shingles
    tile shingles

    Tile shingles are considered to be the most durable shingles in the roofing history because this shingles are prepared very beautifully to increase the beauty of home. You will find this kind of shingles more near the Mediterranean and the Spanish areas. Tile shingles are one of the most expensive roofing shingles to install. But if the owner of the house wants the roofing to be of more durability than tile shingle is the best alternative to install in their roofing construction.

    4. Fiberglass shingles
    Firstly the shingles were made out of mat and wood but now the upgrade in it has been noticed and fiberglass shingles are prepared for more resistance and durability. This shingles are made out of plastic which is than supported by good quality of glass. As in the comparison of shingles, fiberglass shingles are the most reliable and resistant type of shingle. Fiberglass shingle is best worker in case of fire. It act as the best served roofing shingles in any accident situation of fire. It works as a fire resistant.

    5. Slate shingles
    Slate roofing is the best roofing shingle which last for even hundred years because the slate is natural element made out of rock and shaped according to the shingles required for roofing. It is works efficiently for absorption of water. As slate is a strong component so there are less chances of getting is damaged due to wind storm or heavy rainfall. Slate shingles are heavy in weight so it is advisable to first check that the house is compatible to afford its weight and than to install it.

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    Pros and Cons of Engineered Hardwood

    By Minnie | May 25, 2015

    Engineered wood flooring

    If you are installing floors in your house, either in your new house r renovating the old house, you are availed with bucket full of options in flooring. But engineered wood flooring is becoming most prominent in today’s market because of its certain specific reasons. But is it the right choice you are making? If you are in such a dilemma then you should take a closer look weight out its advantages and disadvantages and see its heavier side. If advantages are heavier and if you are comfortable with its every aspect, then go for it. Here are pros and cons of engineered flooring.


    Generally people always look for good quality material along with reasonable price. Engineered floors are much cost effective. It let your home flooring look like hardwood floor without paying the high cost. As compare to traditional solid flooring, engineered floor is reasonable and save much costs.

    It’s not always preferable option to install your roof on your own. But in case of engineered floor it’s different. It is really easy and simple to install. It is such easy that even the new and inexperienced floor installers would also not face any trouble doing it. Solid wood flooring is to be installed by skilled and expert installer. You can install any tile of any size and any style in case of engineered flooring. You get a good chance of saving in cost by not only in lesser price but also by saving installation expense.

    Don’t get wrong that if it is cost effective, then it would low qualitative or less durable. Engineered flooring is a durable and stable flooring option for your home. Engineered flooring has a unique feature of multiple layering, it helps in making it stable and this stability leads to durability. Engineered flooring would not be affected by moisture in the air or weather and hence it will last lifelong.


    You might feel good about its stability but it may lead to shape distortion. It is one of the drawbacks of engineered wood that it leads to easy shape distortion over sometime. This flooring is prone to dents and grooves. This flooring can also to twisting and wrapping. This is mostly seen in a area with more with more traffic in your home. Thus it means that you have to spend over a time repairing this type of flooring and it will be more than solid flooring.

    As real hardwood is expensive they are made up of better quality. That doesn’t mean engineered hardwood is not qualitative and safe. The engineered flooring consists of different layers of adhesives which may result in bringing up some of the health issues. It might happen that toxic fumes are exposed by having engineered flooring in the house. The level of safety and its measures are not exactly known. The amount of toxic fume exposure differs all different times and palces.

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    How to choose window shades

    By cooldude | September 12, 2014

    window shadesWindow shades are starting to become really trendy today in the sector of window treatments. Shades can be defined as “soft” treatments which can be lowered or raised depending on your needs. They open either from top down or bottom up, while some of the shades open both ways. Are you planning to spruce up the window treatments in your home? Here are a number of points to consider before you select the right shades for your rooms.

    Energy efficiency

    Is energy efficiency a prime concern for you? If it is, you might be interested in cellular shades as these are specifically made to capture the cold air and keep heating costs low. Roofing professionals say that “windows that are 10 years old or older are susceptible to a number of problems. They can let in drafts and allow air to escape from the home.” These new shades come with air pockets that offer insulation between the interior and exterior. Also known as honeycomb shades, you will find cellular shades in single and double options to pick from. The solar shades can be a great option as well because they work to block off the scorching UV rays and prevent your rooms from overheating in the warmer months.


    Your choice of shades largely depends on how much light you want for your room. If you want a steady flow of light into the room, you might like sheer shades. If you are looking to block as much light as possible, go for blackout shades. These shades are great when you have expensive furnishing in the room that demands protection from harsh sunlight. Solar shades would also work great if you don’t want too much light inside.

    Room & purpose

    The purpose of a room is a determinant factor when it comes to choosing window shades. A craft or studio room will need a good flow of natural sunlight. Thus, you won’t want to get heavy shades that block off natural sunlight from entering the room. Rooms that are busy call for more durable window treatments. In this case, get something remote-controlled and easily washable.

    The operation factor

    You should keep in mind the operation factor of the shades before shopping for anything specific. Some shades demand more force in comparison to others while either raising them up or putting them down. One of the cooler, more modern versions is the motorized shades which can be operated with a remote control. You can raise or lower them across your room with a mere touch of a button. Then again, the remote controlled option might not be a good choice for children’s room as there is a chance of mismanagement here.

    As you can see, there are many options when it comes to window treatments. Be sure to do your research online or consult with an expert before making any decisions.

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    Oak Furniture For Home Décor

    By cooldude | July 24, 2014

    Oak FurnitureTimber has always been a dominant choice when it comes to choosing furniture for home. The unrivalled sophistication and class assured from the wooden furnishing easily glam up an ambience- no wonder wood is a favorite both for interior designers and homeowners. Now, a huge range of hardwood goes for the furniture sets but it’s the oak wood which is the most popular. Staying true to the classy appeal of hardwood furnishing, oak furniture is the epitome of elegance & glamour. There are many reasons why oak furnishing would be great for your home décor.

    Strength & reliability

    Oak has been a unanimous favorite for home furnishing since ages, irrespective of culture. The primary reason behind the huge popularity of oak furniture is its amazing durability. Oak tree is the symbol of credibility, strength and the wood too embodies such grand properties. Oak tables and chairs are usually the prized heirlooms that are proudly passed on to next generations. Oak can withstand huge weight and if you have a high traffic home, bustling with kids, pets and guests coming in frequently- oak wood furniture would be the best choice for you.

    Classy beauty

    When it comes to furniture for your home you would love to ensure the aesthetics quotient as well, added to the durability part. Oak furniture is one of those rare things in life which embodies beauty finely blend with great strength. It’s stylish, rich, warm, refined and echoes the elegant taste of the homeowner.

    High tannins

    Then, oak wood is dense with high tannins that make it greatly resistant to pest attacks and fungal infections.


    Another great bit about oak wood is that it is water-resistant. Yes, it’s to mention here that oak wood is great used in ship building.

    Varied oak types

    Oak is a versatile wood with many different types to pick from. First you have Brown Oak that features a kind of brown stain given the presence of Beef-Steak fungus. Then, there is Tiger Oak that features a striped look while Pippy Oak displays cute cat-paw like features on surface. Burr Oak looks somewhat akin to Pippy but is denser in nature. Then, there is Bog Oak which is preserved in the peat bogs. It’s a very rare kind ok oak & hence the most pricey of all.

    Tips on buying oak furniture

    Oak furniture is really expensive and hence you should be careful while making the investment. Always be careful to get your oak furnishing from a highly reputed dealer, renowned for authentic products. If the price seems too high, there are second-hand stores selling antique oak furniture.

    The furniture finishing is significant as well. If you are too busy for wood maintenance, get the oak furniture with varnish as it requires just a timely dusting. On the other hand, oak furnishing with natural-wax finish would demand a re-application twice or thrice a year. No matter whichever finish you take, make sure that the oak grain is clearly visible through finish- the premium oak pieces also guarantee a nice warm aura.

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    10 Decor Tips For Kid’s Room

    By cooldude | April 28, 2014

    Kid’s RoomDecorating the room of children with cool furniture and canvas art can be an exciting combination for them. Being a parent you might be taken away by the ideas as to how to decorate the child’s room without even consulting him/her or taking their views into consideration. You must also be concerned about the budget, the taste and preference of the child, color, theme, concepts bearing the long term goals in mind. You can decorate the room with bright and lively colors, sporty concepts, and fairyland themes along with ample storage areas like cabinets, shelves and desks. The cost effectiveness of each of the items must be considered before you purchase any of the items.

    1. You should make ample of space for storage purposes like for clothes, books, toys. They must be big enough so that your child can use it even after becoming an adult. Bright colored paints can be used and changed with time.

    2. The room must be furnished with a bed of standard size. Purchasing small bed would mean that you will have to change the bed frames as your child grows taller.

    3. You can decorate with canvas paints that are very attractive which can include pretty flowers for a girl’s room while planets and stars for boy’s room. Cheap artworks are available along with lamp shades, curtains, decorative and carpets.

    4. You can also add dolls, stuffed animals and small footballs. The shades on the lamps can complement the theme of the room.

    5. The walls can be painted according to the taste and preference of the child. If the child is very active then you can give blue or green color.

    6. The furniture should not be built in because later on it becomes difficult to replace them. Miniature furniture can be single pieces that can stand alone.

    7. You should not overspend on canvas arts and décor pieces. This will give you enough money to redecorate.

    8. Getting ideas from your children will enhance their creativity skills and self esteem. It will also help you to deepen your bond with the child.

    9. Creating a Zen sort of a room can be very relaxing and must have dark furniture with two colored effect can be very appropriate.

    10. The curtains and bed sheets can have cartoon characters which will excite the children to a great extent.

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    Points to consider while selecting a home contractor

    By cooldude | February 8, 2014

    home contractorWhile getting a house built or getting it remodeled you will have to take the help of a home contractor. Choosing a good contractor is important to make sure that the house is built properly and all the safety standards are maintained. But how to choose a home contractor ?

    • Before you hire a contractor it is essential to check and research the background of the contractor. This will ensure that he comes from a good company or he has a good record in his work. For cross checking you may have a word with the previous customers of that contractor and know how they feel about the work he has done.
    • Secondly you must choose a home contractor who has proper license for his profession. This will help to understand the quality of the work he does. There are several contractors who do not have license and it is wise not to choose them.
    • Next thing is to check the experience of the contractor. It is advised to choose those who have a good reputation in the market and have ample experience.
    • Before hiring a contract it is necessary to get the quotation and also an approximate budget as to how much the total project will cost. This further helps to prepare a rough budget. You may also compare the quotations of several contractors in order to choose the best one. There are many contractors who offer free quotations for the benefit of the customers.
    • Ensuring the payment mode should also be kept in mind while choosing a contractor. Those who ask for initial payment should not be considered. Contractors who have a flexible mode of payment plan are always good and you will be able to pay them in installments.
    • Checking the insurance of the contractor is the next thing that you must check. The contractor who offers Workman’s Compensation and General Liability is the best choice. Even if he has General Liability then also he can be considered. Those who do not offer any insurance should be rejected in the first instance.
    • The contractor should also have a proper business address and office. There should be a definite contact number so that if you have any questions you can get in touch with him. It is wise not to choose those contractors who do not have an office.

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